Pre-draft, End of Scene 3:

„Yes, not much left of me, hm?“, he whispered, as if he’d been able to read my thoughts. „‚Vector‘ you call him“, he continued then, and this time he apparently really had known what I was thinking — how else could he come up with the name? I was confused, but before I could say anything, the wounded Eloy croaked: „You’ll find him on Homeworld. But you will find out, the truth is your end, too.“

He gave a bitter smile and then he drew his last breath, opening his eyes wide and staring into the void he met, like a flame that shortly before dying brightens up one last time. After that, all I could do for him was to close his eyes.

Morgen wird’s kein Update geben, da wir da den Stimmworkshop mit Angelique durchführen!

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