Nachtrag vom Donnerstag

Morgen mittag geht es zur TimeLash II. Die Dateien für die Beta-Version von Heart of Darkness sind da.

Ich setze mich an den Rechner und versuche, ein paar CDs zum Verteilen zu brennen. Was passiert?

Nicht nur, dass sich das Brennprogramm aufhängt; der ganze Rechner ist so durch den Wind, dass sich das CD-Fach nicht mal mehr nach einem Reboot öffnen lässt.

Ich weigere mich, anzuerkennen, dass höhere Mächte mir hier zeigen wollten, was sie von HoD halten…! ;-)

Just in Time

As behooves a Time Lord: Tomorrow we’ll be off to the TimeLash II in Kassel, and yesterday Doris sent a new batch of sound files for Heart of Darkness — still a bit rough around the edges and not the final version to be released to the public,*) but a „beta“ version we feel confident enough to hand out to a selected few persons at the event.

Correspondingly, today was a day of assembling the tracks for the CDs to burn, and for frantically sending cover designs back and forth between Sina, Doris and myself — „Should we call it an ‚audio play‘, or maybe better an ‚audio drama‘?“, and is „postproduction“ a single word in English?**)

And now, they’re lying innocently on the table:


Thanks Sina and Doris for making it happen, just in time for the event!

On a related topic, there are rumours Barbara isn’t far behind with her edit of the Kairos-Experiment….

*) All other things aside: It’s tradition to celebrate new LMS episodes with a release party, and we haven’t had time to organize one for HoD yet anyway. So we obivously can’t release. ;-) (yet)

**) I was told, no, it’s not.

Good News, Bad News, …

Believe it or not, but Little More Sonic is currently running at high gear: Barbara and Doris are editing the tapes for Das Kairos-Experiment and Heart of Darkness, respectively, with red-hot scissors (figuratively speaking), and tomorrow we’ll have the next Whodition for voice talents taking part in our next episode, Erstkontakt.

After Heart of Darkness, this one is going to be a „regular“ episode again — in German, and a full-featured audio play, featuring the second Doctor, Jamie and Zoë.

In the light of that, I can live with the bad news; my entry for the Paul Spragg memorial competition held by Big Finish didn’t win — I guess I wasn’t the only aspiring writer for whom the offer to pen a story for Big Finish held great appeal…

Still, I believe in my story idea, and until Little More Sonic has new audio material to present to you, here is the exposé and intro for my competition entry, Champions of Peace:


Let me know if you’d like to produce it. ;-)