Just in Time

As behooves a Time Lord: Tomorrow we’ll be off to the TimeLash II in Kassel, and yesterday Doris sent a new batch of sound files for Heart of Darkness — still a bit rough around the edges and not the final version to be released to the public,*) but a „beta“ version we feel confident enough to hand out to a selected few persons at the event.

Correspondingly, today was a day of assembling the tracks for the CDs to burn, and for frantically sending cover designs back and forth between Sina, Doris and myself — „Should we call it an ‚audio play‘, or maybe better an ‚audio drama‘?“, and is „postproduction“ a single word in English?**)

And now, they’re lying innocently on the table:


Thanks Sina and Doris for making it happen, just in time for the event!

On a related topic, there are rumours Barbara isn’t far behind with her edit of the Kairos-Experiment….

*) All other things aside: It’s tradition to celebrate new LMS episodes with a release party, and we haven’t had time to organize one for HoD yet anyway. So we obivously can’t release. ;-) (yet)

**) I was told, no, it’s not.

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