No, we’re not idle :-)

Actually, we’re right now in the „hot phase“ of rehearsing the next story, The Kairos Experiment, while we’re also trying to fix the details for the recording of the story which is to take place in early April.

In addition, Sina is organising a voice acting workshop, and I’m writing ahead: In between the „regular“ episodes, we’re also planning to produce a short „extra“ in english language — so our anglophile friends will be able to experience first-hand what we’re doing with LMS, and right now I’m working on the script:

He was mad. Stark, raving mad. Not the drooling, insipid kind of mad with vacant inward eyes, locked inside a prison of the mind with blurred walls. But powerfully mad, a reason that had left his soul behind, madness with a stare that is all edge and heat. The radiant kind of mad, the infectuous kind that reaches out to you.

So, sorry, but currently there’s not much time left to update the blog. Bear with us.

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